The United Kingdom is seeing a wave of support for the Palestinian cause. But, for millions of Palestinians here, the struggle is not just geo-political. What does it mean to be away from homes and families, in a country that’s partially responsible for their plight?

As shooting stars mark the night sky, two little girls run alongside their mother. There is but one wish — to avoid them at all costs. They look for a shelter and the sound becomes deafening. These are missiles. …

Cycling in the UK has been stereotyped as a white middle-class people’s sport. What has kept people of colour and LGBTQ communities away and how is access being widened?

On a rare sunny day, Mymuna Soleman was called ‘Superman’ by a white male cyclist. She had just become an ambassador…

Investment in fossil fuel industries might hurt not just the environment but also pensioners’ gains in the future.

Investment in fossil fuel industries is not just environmentally harmful but also risky. Credit: Michal Pech on Unsplash

Despite declaring a climate change emergency in 2019, Cardiff Council has about £57m of pension funds invested in fossil fuel industries along with Vale of Glamorgan.

As per a recent study by Platform London (research organisation), Friends of the Earth (England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland), the joint contribution of…

Should you invest in cryptocurrency? Credit: Andre Mckenzie

Making sense of the cryptocurrency world — highs, bank bans and caveats to consider if you plan to invest.

Cryptocurrency investors have seen record highs even before this move, but some UK banks have refused to process payments or accept transfers emerging from this digital…

Welsh theatres may open in the next few months but not for live shows, says WMC employee

Welsh theatres may open in the next few months but not for live shows, says WMC employee

The Welsh theatre fans might have to go without live performances longer than New Years due to COVID-19 challenges & government aid that came too late.

Theatres might open doors in April instead of January (permitted reopening date). Issues like smaller staff, COVID-19 related logistics issues, and government aid that…

As restrictions ease and life returns supposedly to normal, I interview a single mum from Merthyr Tydfil. How is ‘normality’ being experienced by mothers in a Wales beginning to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic?

Image Credit: Helen James

‘How anxious did you feel yesterday?’ was the question asked in a Women’s Equality Network Wales survey and 43% women chose at least a six on a scale where ten is ‘completely anxious’. The survey also noted that single parents experienced higher level of anxiety than partnered ones. …

Chahat Awasthi

Multimedia journalist interested in politics, health, and environment

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